Puffins and Whales

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SkyeXplorer Boat Trips - Isle of Skye​

Guaranteed to see Puffins - Whales and Eagles with luck !​​​

Wildlife & Whale Trips (July - September)
3.5 hours non-landing

Join us on an exciting trip to the north of the Waternish peninsula which is a favourite feeding ground of minke whales. 
On the way back to the Ascrib Islands we will go alongside the steep cliffs of the Waternish Peninsula and will hopefully spot the resident sea-eagle family. Once at the Ascrib Islands we will visit the Puffin and Seal colonies. Later in the season there is also a chance to see the 2nd largest shark in the world - The Basking Shark!
Please note:
It varies from year to year when the whales arrive in Skye and leave again - the best time to spot the minke whales is between late June and late September (with August being the peak month).
The Puffins arrive in their breading colonies mid April and will leave again in late July/earlyAugust. Once the Puffins are here - we are able to guarantee that you will see them!
The seals around the Ascrib Islands are present year round.

Did you know? 
The minke whale is named after a Norwegian Whaler "Miencke" who often harpooned  minke whales mistaking them for blue whales. The crew started calling these animals “Meincke’s whales” and the name caught on.

What to bring? 
Although the SkyeXplorer II  offers plenty of shelter from the elements, we recommend that you dress warm and bring waterproofs. No muddy shoes please.